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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feature Requests for Idera's PowerShell Plus v4.1

If you would like these enhancements done as well, consider copying the list below and sending an email to support@idera.com.  The more customers ask for an enhancement, the quicker it gets done!

Product Version: 4.1
PowerShell Version: 2.0
Question/Issue: Enhancement requests
·         One-chord execution to comment or uncomment selected lines in the editor (e.g., ctrl+shift+c to comment, ctrl+shift+u to uncomment)
·         Live IntelliSense for new variables without having to first execute the script (PowerGUI has that!)
·         More standard keystrokes or customizable keystrokes for editor shortcuts such as
o   Ctrl+k, ctrl+k for bookmark, like SQL Management Studio
o   F3 to repeat last search
o   Ctrl+h for search and replace
·         Option to reopen last-opened files when starting PowerShell Plus
·         Option to save “solutions” or groups of files to open at once
·         Start page to remember a longer list of recently opened files, and make its window a lot bigger.

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